Mobile is not a channel. Mobile is not a fad. Mobile is not going away. Mobile is a transformational technology that is disrupting every sector of the economy in every country on the planet.

Technologies to bet on in the post-PC era and beyond (7 min)

By 2020, smartphone ownership will go from 2B to 4B. Being an incumbent is starting to look like a liability. The convergence of cloud computing, ubiquitous broadband, and affordable smartphones is allowing mobile-first (or mobile-only) upstarts to take on large companies and in some cases, entire industries.

Blockbuster, Borders, Blackberry, the newspaper business, the taxi industry, cable television, shopping malls, hotels, shipping, etc... They’re all gone, failing, or in decline; each disrupted from below by upstarts that their leadership probably hadn’t even heard of until it was too late.

Learning things the hard way in mobile can waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on misguided development efforts that damage your brand and disappoint your members.

Get direct access to a recognized expert on mobile technology. I’ve presented mobile talks at leading conferences all over the world (e.g., SXSW, Future Insights, Web Directions), as well as internal mobile presentations for the Fed, EasCorp, Wescom Resources Group, and many others.

Prior to specializing in the credit union space, I worked with companies like Fidelity, CVS, Staples, Cisco, Time, Nokia, T-Mobile, Entertainment Weekly, and many more on their mobile strategy, tactics, and training.

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