Mobile Innovation Workshop

Are you convinced that mobile is the future but you aren't sure how to best leverage it? Would you like to create a mobile rewards program but don't know where to start? Would you like to revitalize the branch experience for a new generation of members? Generate, prioritize, and define novel and actionable mobile-based initiatives in this two-day innovation workshop. Held at the location of your choice. Price is 100% inclusive of all lodging, travel, and other expenses.

Price: $21,000

Mobile Advisory Retainer

Get ongoing access to the strategic and tactical mobile expertise you need, when you need it. Designed specifically for senior executives who are facing a significant technology transition. Your advisory retainer entitles you to unlimited 24/7 access to me via phone, email, and chat. Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans available.

Price: $12,500/mo

Mobile Development Oversight

Are you planning to redesign or rebuild your existing desktop-only website so that it is mobile friendly? Is your in-house web team unfamiliar with the unique constraints of mobile responsive design? Decrease your risk, improve your capabilities, and get to market faster by adding my expertise to the project.

Price: $8,500/mo

Mobile Strategy Session

Is your board skeptical about investing in mobile? Do your marketing and IT leadership disagree about priorities? Is your member data fragmented across multiple databases or 3rd-party services? Build consensus among senior leaders with this half-day session that summarizes the current mobile landscape, extrapolates emerging trends 2-3 years out, and outlines a business strategy for maintaining relevance in the post-PC world.

Price: $6,500

Mobile Marketing Roadmap

How can you ensure that your marketing emails are legible in the most popular mobile email clients? What can you do to optimize conversions in mobile web browsers? How should you author your marketing materials for maximum effect in social media on mobile devices? How can you use mobile data to segment your audience? Get your questions answered with a comprehensive, holistic, and actionable mobile marketing roadmap. 

Price: $3,500

Mobile Onboarding Teardown

Can prospective members realistically complete a member application on mobile? Or do you force them to put it off until later when they are back at their workstation? Does it take days (or weeks!) to complete the process? Are phone calls and snail mail involved? This level of friction is more than enough to send members elsewhere. Find out where the high friction points are in your application process, and get recommendations for addressing them.

Price: $1,200

Jonathan brought extensive knowledge around the actual devices we were looking to work with and helped us take full advantage of the mobile operating system capabilities. We value Jonathan’s outside perspective, mobile industry knowledge, and hyper-focus on ensuring the customers get the best experience possible. We are looking for opportunities to continue to work with Jonathan.
— David Araujo, VP Technology, Digital Federal Credit Union

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